Throwing down the gauntlet!

So I’ve had a crazy idea: attempt to post every day for a whole year about books.

I can’t read a book a day but I can always discuss the many books my life. I often post thrift-store-scores but I could also post about the ones that got away (cause I can’t buy them all!) I think this could actually happen. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Mrs. O Loves Books

It’s true, I do. I work as a librarian in an elementary school and that means I get to see and read all kinds of great books.  

About a year ago I started posting book covers and quotes on Instagram and I’m shocked to say Iit has developed a following. I like to talk a lot about books and so I think I’ll try a blog. I will probably keep posting on Instagram, and putting my quotes on Tumbler too.

You can find my older posts on Instagram: mrs.o.loves.books