The first post of 2017 and of my 365 day challenge is about the picture books by Jon J. Muth. We are introduced to Stillwater the giant panda in Zen Shorts. Stillwater befriends his neighbors Addy, Michael & Karl and passes on profound wisdom in the form of short stories pulled from Buddhist teachings and other traditions. Stillwater returns in Zen Ghosts sharing a Koan from Buddhist traditions about duality. 

Stillwater’s third appearance is in Zen Socks where he meets new neighbors, Leo, Molly and their cat Moss. I found a great quote in the author’s notes:

I don’t yet have the fourth Stillwater book, Zen Ties, or Muth’s book of Haikus, Hi Koo! but they are on my must have list for next year!

Just as a side note, I found Zen Shorts and Zen Ghosts atGoodwill in perfect condition with their dust jackets last summer.

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