Amazing books somehow tend to slip under my radar. For example, Journey by Aaron Becker. Becker is the illustrator and each illustration pulls us into a story of a bored young girl who uses a magic marker to go on an amazing journey. The pictures tell the story so well because there is no text. 

I think I skip these books for two reasons: first, no text means no AR, and that means my students will pass it over every time, and second, because I don’t know how to teach a story with no text. I’m a storyteller, but I rely on writers to give me a story to read.

The story of our character continues with a new found friend in Quest and then concludes in Return. I have always loved illustrations and these books do not leave you wishing for more, after all, Becker received a Caldecott Honor Award for Journey.

2017 seems to be a year of challenges, perhaps I should challenge myself to find a way to “tell” these stories. A display of wordless books wouldn’t be hard at all, but how to present individual stories to classes? I wonder if I could take pictures of each page and set them to fitting music in iMovie. I have done this before with a book I had on CD but not in print.

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