I’ve posted before about my love for the writing of Richard Peck. Most of his stories take place in the midwest, Illinois and Indiana being a common settings. I’m from a midwestern state myself and personalities of his characters seem very genuine to me. I love that even tiny towns can have big characters in his stories, something that may not make sense to someone who grew up in a more urban area.

I’ve just started The River Between Us and I’m intrigued by the little town straddling the line between North and South at the dawn of the Civil War. 

Tilley is telling the story that starts in 1861, though one of her grandsons is telling the framing story that the book starts with. I like Tilly already, and I hope to find a good twin quote from her, as she has a twin brother – just as I do. Cass is her younger sister and she has some sort of clairvoyance, but I need to read more Of the story before I can tell you any more about it.

Comments after completing the book: I don’t know if I can explain how much I loved this story. I am always amazed at how well Peck is able to draw me into his stories. 

Tilly isn’t the most eloquent speaker, but she’s a country girl and her words hold truth. Tilly’s story led me where I expected, to the early battles of the Civil War, but it also took me far beyond. Tilly’s story is also Delphine’s story, and Delphine’s story is a complex and often overlooked part of American history. I don’t want to give the story away; if I’ve intrigued you enough, you’ll read the book.

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