On a whim, I pulled this book from the shelf to share with 2nd grade this week. I had read it years ago and didn’t remember the whole plot, but it’s illustrated by one of my favorites, James Stevenson, and so I thought, ‘why not?’

Rocks In His Head is a wonderful story about a man who loved rocks. People jokingly (or meanly) say he has rocks in his head and he always responds, “Maybe I do. Take a look at this one.” The story is set in the Great Depression and this seemingly useless hobby ends up providing for the whole family even though he lacks a college education.
The reason I wanted to write about this story is because I kind of feel like it’s my own story. I’ve spent my whole life being an avid reader who gets sucked into books and then tries to explain that bliss to others. I’ll gladly agree I’m a book nerd and then I’ll try to find you the perfect book. My own little hobby (obsession) has even led me to my dream job. I also lack a college education-I quit after just a year because I had no clear path to follow, but my love of books and storytelling helped me get a job as a children’s librarian.

The story just spoke to me on a personal level. And the kids loved the simplicity of it. Of course after that they want to waste their checkout time looking at the library’s mineral collection. Se la vie.

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