Southern Mystery

I really love southern characters. Maybe because I lived there for four years, I don’t know. But I love the way the people speak and I love when a great author can capture that on the page. Sheila Turnage is one such author. 

Mo (short for Moses) is a preteen girl with a quite a mysterious history. She was found floating on a raft during a hurricane by her adoptive father, the Colonel. Did I mention he has amnesia and has no idea who he was before the hurricane? MO’s best friend is Dale, a sweet kid from a home with an abusive father.  Mo has been sending messages in bottles for years, trying to find her upstream mother, so it seems perfectly natural for her and Dale to try to help solve the mysterious death of one of their neighbors.

In the second book the kids have a supernatural mystery to solve when their families start fixing up a derelict hotel.

In the most recent book (keeping my fingers crossed for more,) Dale has to face the question of his father’s guilt – he is accused of kidnapping and other charges. The kids must solve this mystery while trying to protect Dale’s older brother Lavender, who Mo plans to marry some day.

I tried to give you a run down on each book without giving you any spoilers. It’s hard! I want to go on and on about these kids and their town. Like I said, I’m hoping for more and recommending them to all the kids I can.


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