Author Spotlight: Frank Asch

Do you have a book you remember from childhood that you just loved, and still love? I remember Happy Birthday, Moon by Frank Asch

Bear wants to wish the moon happy Birthday and climbs to the top of a mountain to be close enough for moon to hear. There is an echo that convinces Bear that the moon has the same birthday as him and that it wants a hat too. It’s not a complicated story. Kids immediately know what has happened to confuse Bear and find it hilarious. Asch wrote the story in a way that allows Bear to fulfill his wishes without crushing his naive spirit.

Today I was telling our kindergarten teacher about Bear and I realized how well loved these books have been at our school. They are falling apart and I’ve decided to replace them next year as well as pick up the ones I don’t have yet.

These books are timeless. I enjoyed them 30 years ago and they still make kids giggle. Try them with a little one you love!


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