Author Spotlight: Helen Lester

Helen Lester is one of the funniest authors I know of. Her books, often illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, are year round favorites with my students.

I’m partial to Wodney Wat. He can’t say his ‘R’ sound correctly and it ends up saving the day – when I was a little girl I took 2 years of speech therapy for the exact same problem. Tacky the Penguin is another character that I just have to introduce my first graders to. They need to see this silly penguin being himself and still being a great bird to have around! (I love doing the voices of the hunters in the Tacky stories).

Lester’s characters learn life lessons in hilarious ways that little ones can not only understand but actually relate to. Most kids have been like Pinkerton Pig, always wanting to be first, and most can tell you by the end of the story that first isn’t always best.

I don’t own all of Lester’s books at school yet. I just realized there is a Halloween Tacky book! I add a few of her titles each year, as the budget allows, and I never regret the purchases. I’m so thankful to my good friend Raynette for introducing me to her books.


2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Helen Lester

  1. I’m familiar with a few of Helen’s books, but I’ll definitely have to look for Wodney Wat (since I too have memories of leaving the classroom for a special speech lesson. Mine was mostly for sh, th, ch words. It was kind of fun to cut out lots of pictures like shoe, shirt, etc. and paste them in a notebook for practice). I’m putting in an order today at the library I work at and will add it to my list. 🙂


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