Folktales and Fairytales 

Since I started working on inventory, I’ve been finding a lot of books to read just because they catch my eye.  As I reached the end of the picture books, I grabbed some fun titles.

Epossumondas by Coleen Salley is a cute retelling of a “noodlehead” story. The original story is from the southern United States, called Epamindas. In real life possums are one of the few animals I really don’t like, but this little guy is too cute! His diaper is adorable, and he is so silly. I also brought home Why Epossumondas Has No Hair On His Tail. Both stories read like old folk tales, but I’ll keep them in the picture books where they will have a bigger audience.

The Fairytale I found this weekend is The Enchanted Wood by Ruth Sanderson.

This story, though original to Sanderson, has the look and feel of a traditional fairytale. You easily see the two older brothers’ folly and bravado when they attempt to find the heart of the world. The youngest brother is much kinder and actually listens to the warnings before entering the wood. He is able to save the kingdom, save his foolhardy brothers and win the beautiful girl.

It’s not much of a post but I have another stack of picture books to bring home tomorrow and a nice thick chapter book to start as well, so no worries.


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