More than books

I’ve had the idea bouncing around in my head to post about the many ways I find to read beyond physical books.

  •  Listverse is probably my favorite website. The site has many writers writing about the world around us, so it’s not fiction. I can read about history, science, mysteries bizarre events or just pull up random lists. I feel like it’s a reasonably trustworthy site and I trust the information.
  • Pinterest, specifically I like to read pins from the history board but the science boards interest me too.
  • eBooks – I like iBooks, Amazon eBooks, Nook Books, and WattPad. Free=awesome in my book, so I’m often found reading self published books that can be awful or diamonds in the rough.
  • Library eBooks & Audio Books – our library uses Overdrive Media and One Click Digital. I love these sites! If my girls and I go traveling without my husband, we always download a few books to listen to in the car.

I’m not much for reading magazines or newspapers but sometimes I need a break from the kids books I read. I like unsolved mysteries, historical oddities, and new scientific finds. When I want fiction I often go looking for a good post-apocalyptic or zombie book, and I like said, I like them free.

It’s hard to remember what life was like before the Internet made it so easy to read about new things. I read a lot of books but finding the really obscure titles wasn’t easy in a small midwestern town.

Are there any great sites I’m missing out on? Tell me, I’d love to know so I can try them myself! 


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