I’ve worked at the school for 4 years and though she has been recommending by more than one teacher, I’ve never gotten around to reading her books.

I have almost a shelf full of her books, so I’m working through them bit by bit. I think a decent goal for 2017 is to read all of her books – or least the ones I own.

The Graves Family  and The Graves Family Goes Camping appealed to me because they remind me of the Addams Family. They are a fun but odd family. I liked the stories but they weren’t the best I read tonight.

Thunder Cake was a sweet story about how Babushka helped Patricia overcome her fear of thunderstorms. There is even a recipe for the cake I’d like to try.

Polacco’s ancestors emigrated from Russia and kept many of their traditions through the generations. The Keeping Quilt is a little piece of many family members as well as many memories. This was a wonderful story.

The Blessing Cup tells another part of the exodus from Russia. I really thought this was poignant especially since the cup is able to be passed on to Patricia’s children as she wished.

My favorite book today was Babushka Baba Yaga. I know some of the folklore of Baba Yaga from reading to my students and this was a much kinder version of her. I dont know if Polacco has written more about Baba Yaga but if she has I want to read it! 

You can visit her website here.

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