Silly for the sake of silly.

While I love reading a great nonfiction or picture book with a moral lesson in it, sometimes I just want something silly, and I have the perfect stories!

Willy Clafin is an amazing storyteller…well actually he just accompanies Maynard Moose as he tells the ‘Old Mother Moose Tales’.

By far my favorite, The Uglified Ducky is the story of a little moose who wanders into a ducky’s nest…can you guess what happens next? It’s the funniest retelling of The Ugly Duckling that I’ve ever heard. I love that the little Moose does not need to transform before finding out that he is a big, beautiful beastie. From this story we learn:

Everyone is a beautiful something or other.

Two Words: fractured fairytale. Punzel has long unruly hair and when the witch can’t tame it, she imprisons her. Punzel escapes and seeks refuge with seven dwarfs. As the old story goes, she falls into an enchanted sleep but is thankfully rescued by a handsome moose.

The big, bully goat likes nothing more than head butting everyone and eventually starts to disturb a nice family of trolls. Father troll has two heads and argues with himself too much, mother troll has three heads and can’t reach a conclusion because each head is more polite than the last, and baby troll only has one head but we love her anyway. Defeating the bully takes some brains and baby troll is just the girl for the job.

This story doesn’t follow any traditional stories but we get to go with Little Moose and the sheep to the cabin in the sky where Mother Moose lives.

These books usually come with a CD. You will definitely want it! I always tell the kids that I don’t speak the old Moose language so it’s better with the CD. Maynard uses many words not familiar to us and it’s much more fun to listen to him tell it. They do include a nice translation guide but I bet you can figure out most of the words for yourself.

There are stories on the bookless CD collection that I’ve never heard. I think we will be listening to them on our next road trip!


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