Patricia Polacco part 2

I read a few more Patricia Polacco books today. Each is a wonderful story, and I learned something new: Polacco illustrates her own books.

Most people who have recommended Patricia Polacco’s books to me have recommended Thank You, Mr. Falker. This story touched me because my own daughter struggled with reading in her early school years. Thankfully she had caring teachers like Mr. Falker to help her.

I’m always amazed at the amount of history and traditions that Polacco includes in her stories. Betty Doll tells the story of Polacco’s mother’s life. It’s a beautiful way to tell the world about her mother.

For the Love of Autumn tells the story of a young woman and her cat Autumn. Autumn has a second family though, and thankfully, her love brings the two together.

In Our Mothers’ House tells of a nontraditional American family. The kids are all adopted and of different ethnicities, and there are two mothers, Marmee and Meema. The family is tightly knit and have love that expands to include their multicultural neighbors as well. Sadly, one neighbor refuses to participate in neighborhood events because she does not like “what [Marmee and Meema] are.” It’s nice to see a picture book with a nontraditional family since this type of family is becoming more and more common as people are able to break free of the pressures of society.


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