It’s no secret that I love a good fairytale, so you won’t be sure that I’m sharing a new series that is built on a foundation of old tales. Author MarcyKate Connolly has used old fairytales and folklore to weave entirely new stories. Different than most things I’ve read lately.

In Monstrous we meet Kymera, a girl who is like no others. She was created with the best parts of other animals – cat’s claws and eyes, a serpentine tail with a poisonous barb and more – so that she can protect the girls of Bryre from the Wizard who plagues the city. But the attributes that will allow her to save the city also mark her as a monster in their eyes.

In Ravenous the story of Bryre continues with Greta, whom we met in Monstrous. Greta and her brother Hans are surviving alone after her parents disappeared never to be heard from again. But one day the unimaginable happens and Hans disappears. The only clue is a trail large feathers that lead off into the woods. Greta must overcome her fears to face the tasks necessary to free Hans.

Precious is a prequel novella included in my school’s copy of Ravenous. It tells Rosabel, the Princess of Bryre’s story. Rosabel is told by her mother that sometimes queens must make hard decisions, can Rosabel make a decision that will save her family and her city?

These stories have a lot of folklore woven into them. Besides the magical creatures, you’ll find hints  of Frankenstein, and many will recognize the witch Baba Yaga from Eastern European folklore. Connolly’s characters are often faced with problems that don’t have simple solutions, but like many of us would, they make the best with what they have. 

I’m hoping for more from MarcyKate Connolly. I wouldn’t mid another trip or two to the city of Bryre.  

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