I’m not really much for sports fiction. I don’t really follow want sports as a habit and I just am not drawn to the titles. But I have athletic daughters and so I could tell you how TaeKwonDo works and the basics of softball. Thank goodness for my softball knowledge because it lends itself to baseball on a basic level.

My daughter read Heart of a Champion by Carl Deuker in 7th grade reading and loved it. She told me at least 10 times that I should read it too. Normally if a student recommends a book I will try to read it and I always thank them for the recommendation. I want them to know I respect their opinions. So when it’s my own daughter recommending the book, I know I have to read it.

She was right, it’s a great book. Some of the baseball specific terminology went over my head but that didn’t stop me from seeing the real message of the book. I appreciated the kids’ reading teacher choosing a book that shows how badly underage alcohol use can turn out. 

I have been told that the book Runner by the same author is another one I should read. Now I just have to add it to my miles-long “to read” list.

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