In truth, I read this book about three years ago, but I am dying to tell you about it!

Susan Cooper, whom you may know from The Dark Is Rising is the genius behind Ghost Hawk. This story tells the tale of a young Native American boy living on the east coast during the colonization by Europeans. 

Little Hawk is following his people’s traditions and becoming a man when the outside world begins to encroach. Little Hawk faces many trials as his people confront the settlers. Despite trying to peacefully live alongside the settlers, aggression comes from both sides. 

Little Hawk is able to make a white friend and halfway through the perspective switches to this friend, John. We now see the struggle from the other side. But there are many things to love about this book. Cooper has written in exquisite detail and treats both the Native Americans and the white settlers with the respect they deserve.

Any middle grade student who loves history will love this book. It has adventure and survival as well, maybe as a follow up for the student that loved the Hatchet series by Gary Paulson.

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