The Imaginary

Rudger is Amanda’s best friend. He doesn’t exist, but nobody’s perfect.

What a great way to catch a reader’s interest! The Imaginary by A. F. Harrold is about Rudger, the Imaginary friend of a precocious little girl named Amanda.

Amanda is the perfect kind of girl to be friends with. Her imagination is extra sparky and she never tires of Rudger. Her mom is also cool, never discouraging Amanda from her fun with Rudger.

But then the book takes a slightly creepy turn. One day a grown man appears who can see Rudger, and he has a creepy imaginary friend of his own. The man keeps showing up and it becomes obvious that he’s after Rudger!

I don’t want to give too much of this awesome story away, but something happens that causes Rudger and Amanda to become separated. Rudger discovers a whole hidden world of imaginaries but never stops searching for Amanda.

This story was so cool. It made me think of that old movie, Drop Dead Fred, and one of my favorite cartoons of all time, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. I’m not saying it’s a copy of either though. Harrold created a completely new story – I think his imagination must be extra sparky too!

P.S. The illustrations by Emily Gravett are perfect!


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