The cutest biographies around!

I’ve been reading biographies to my third grade students and I’ve been encouraging them to check more out. Almost always, I can sell a student on Brad Meltzer’s I Am series.

These books are really great! They tell the famous person’s story in a cute cartoon style, and with some graphic novel-like layouts. We then see the drawn character beside real photographs.

I read I Am Lucille Ball to the third graders last year and they loved it. I was very excited to have one young lady dress as Lucy for our Third Grade Wax Museum.

Thank you, Mr. Meltzer for these great books! Keep them coming!

I found this image online when I was getting the covers. I can’t say for sure that it’s a forthcoming title, but we can always hope!

I was curious about Sacagawea so I checked on Amazon. It is in the series as well as I Am Gandhi.

They are going on my shopping list ASAP!


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