the Anybodies

I’ve just finished a great book by N.E. Bode (pronounced body). It’s the Anybodies.

This is the story of Fern, a wildly imaginative girl who has tragically dull parents. Odd things happen around Fern all the time but they just refuse to believe.

Things aren’t always what they seem are they?

But it turns out that Fern was switched at birth and has some amazing abilities…she, like her true mother and father before her, is an Anybody.

What does that mean for Fern? Well, she’s going to have to find a book her true mother hid, and to do it she’ll have to search an entire house made out of books. A house with odd inhabitants, little people who borrow things, small hobbit-like folks who live in the yard, and fairies.

This is the first book in a trio, I can’t wait to start the Nobodies and the Somebodies!

No, no they aren’t.


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