Time to talk about another favorite of mine, Deborah Hopkinson

I first realized what a great writer Hopkinson was when I read Abe Lincoln Crosses a Creek. It tells of a harrowing incident where a young Abe Lincoln almost drowned in Knob Creek, Kentucky. I love reading this story aloud, I get to use my quasi-southern accent (my husband and I lived in Kentucky for 4 years.) Abe is saved by his good friend but that friend does not figure into Abe’s later life. This  quote from that story sums it up perfectly:

I own quite a few of Hopkinson’s books at school. Here are just a few:

I really like to read Apples to Oregon aloud too. I’ve mentioned  one of her chapter books, The Great Trouble, a mystery of London, the blue death and a boy called Eel in one of my previous posts.

Hopkinson is quite a prolific writer and I’m excited to buy some new titles next school year. Here are a few on my wish list:

I think if you give these books a try, you’ll find a great story mixed with history is an unbeatable combination.

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