Penguins In Love

I’ve never been much for romance but I was excited today to read a Valentines book to my 2nd graders. Before I tell you what it is, I have to show you the first book of this character.

My Penguin Osbert is by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel (who also writes great middle grade books.) The boy in the story asks very specifically for a penguin named Osbert for Christmas. Santa comes through and the boy is ecstatic, until Osbert insists on spending the day outside in subzero weather, bathing in ice water and eating cold herring for breakfast. But the boy continually says, “I had asked for Osbert, and now I had him,” and he never denies his pet’s wishes or the responsibilities that come with a pet. 

In the follow up book, My Penguin Osbert In Love Osbert asks very nicely for a ride to the South Pole for a big penguin get together. Joe happens to have a helicopter and so they, along with a couple dozen of Osbert’s buddies head to Antarctica. There Osbert meets a beautiful girl penguin named Aurora. Joe does his best to be a good friend but he’s on a deadline. Can friendship coincide with true love?

These books are so cute. I really wish she would write more (hint, hint). And look what I found while browsing for the cover art:

I need this little guy in my library! (Hint, hint.)


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