It’s really hard for me to take a day off from my job. I’m glad to have a great sub on hand, but I rarely take a day off unless someone is sick.

So in honor of my love of the library, and reluctance to leave it, I thought I’d share some great books about librarians.

Heather Henson’s book That Book Woman is a sweet story about a family in the Appalachian mountains. Everyone loves to read except Cal. But the book woman comes right on schedule, is she crazy or awfully brave? Riding through rain and snow just to bring books to his sister.

That Book Woman is a rare and moving tale that honors a special part of American history; the Pack Horse Librarians, who helped untold numbers of children see the stories amid the chicken scratch, and thus made them into lifetime readers.

Miss Dorothy and Her Bookmobile is about a young woman who wants very much to become a librarian in a little brick library, but she moves to a part of the country where that just won’t work. The answer is to start a bookmobile. She brings books to the school, to the farm and even in the river.

Miss Moore Thought Otherwise is the true story of Anne Carol Moore changed how libraries worked for children. Her children’s room in New York City was the first of its kind and many libraries used it as a model. Thanks to Miss Moore, children’s libraries are bright, colorful and welcoming. Children are encouraged to take books home and enjoy them. I can’t even imagine libraries any other way!

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