Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover 

Or maybe you should. I am often in awe of the amazing artwork that is used for books. If it didn’t matter, wouldn’t the title just be printed in block letters?

But sometimes, covers just end up weird. For example, today I was sorting the unused dust jackets for future use–I often use them as topical decoration in the school library. I have years worth and I sometimes inherit them from other teachers. As such, sometimes I have a jacket but no longer have the book. Today I found one like that.

There is nothing wrong with this book, and I’m sure it has a place in most libraries…but I am disturbed by both the title and the illustration. I’m just not feeling it. 

Now for the weirdest cover I’ve seen in my library:

It’s probably a great book. The Berenstains write fabulous stories that teach morals and family friendly lessons. But I just can’t get past that creepy guy on the cover.

What can I say? I’ve got a warped sense of humor and little things amuse me. For more weird books you should visit


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