Everyone has to have faith in something.

I’ve just finished the last book in the Anybodies series by N.E. Bode. Bode is a pen name for the author Julianna Baggott. I didn’t post about the second book, The Nobodies before but here’s a brief summary:

Fern and Howard are off to summer camp! But not just any camp, it’s an Anybodies camp. Unfortunately, the blind driver of the camp bus should have clued them in that it wasn’t going to go as they hoped. Fern has a terrible counselor and the girls in her cabin don’t seem to like her. There is also the whole issue of a sinister mole threatening the Anybodies. And to make things even weirder, Fern starts finding messages in bottles from a mysterious group who call themselves The Nobodies. 

Fern and Howard are going to need to learn to work together, and become as close as sister and brother to solve this mystery.

We rejoin Fern and Howard once school has started back up. Unfortunately, they have been put with the worst teacher possible. After a run in with the teacher the Drudgers decide to put the kids in military school! Fern and Howard do the only thing they can and run away to the city beneath the city–a hidden city where Anybodies can live freely. Fern didn’t know it until now but there was an usurper to the Anybodies’ throne named the Blue Queen when Fern was a baby. She’s back and bent on taking the throne away from Fern in the vilest way possible. Fern has to find what it is inside of her that makes her the best ruler for the Anybodies, good thing she has Howard. And a tiny purple pony.

I’ve enjoyed these books a lot. I’m excited that my 10 year old daughter has picked up the first book! I do own the only other book that Boggartt has written under the Bode name:

Here’s what her site says about it:

A novel for younger readers about a boy being raised in a nunnery who falls into an Imagined Other World.

It’s going on my To-Read list!


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