Patricia Polacco part 4

I’m slowly working towards my goal of reading all of the Patricia Polacco books in the school library. I read 4 more today and loved them.

Luba and the Wren is a folktale about a girl who shows kindness to a wren and receives a wish in return. Luna does not see a need to wish for anything but her parents want a bigger house a more fertile land. Luba makes the wish but then her parents want more. This happens enough times that her parents become Emperor and Empress of the world and decide that they should be as gods. Luba sadly makes the wish and is pleasantly surprised at how “gods” live. This book has beautiful illustrations of the traditional homes and clothing in Ukraine.

Mrs. Mack is the true story of Polacco’s childhood summers learning to ride and care for horses. She learns a lot about people in the process. 

When Lightning Comes In a Jar is another sweet story from Polacco’s childhood. I’m in awe of the tradition and love Polacco’s family shared and still shares. Polacco is from the same generation as my parents and I have to wonder if lack of technology made the difference. Visiting family is something I love but often the kids crowd around an iPhone or Gameboy instead of asking for stories from Great-Grandma.

January’s Sparrow is a story of a slave family that chooses to use the Underground Railroad to find freedom in the North. They find a little piece of happiness in Michigan but have to be vigilant in case the paddy rollers come for them. The story comes to a climax when the family realizes just how many people from their community, both black and white, believe in and are willing to fight for freedom.


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