I’ve been reading some of the greatest books ever to my 1st grade classes: 

Harry the Dirty Dog, No Roses For Harry, Harry By the Seashore and Harry and the Lady Next Door are some of my all-time favorite picture books. They were written in the 1960s by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham. I always follow Harry with Graham’s books Be Nice to Spiders and the Benjy books.

I have 4 of the Benjy books but it’s not easy finding books that are more than 50 years old! I’m very thankful for the ones I have.

These wonderful stories made me think of some other oldies hanging around on the shelves at school.

The Poky Little Puppy and the Patchwork Blanket
Baby’s House
Duffy on the Farm
Little Boy Blue
Home For a Bunny
1942 Caldecott Award Winner, Make Way For Ducklings

I read through these today and I just really wish the books were in better shape. Honestly they need to be taken off the shelves but I’d kind of like to keep them for display purposes. Those covers are gorgeous! The scenes inside Little Boy Blue were so sweet! I was also surprised to see the book A Home For a Bunny is by Margaret Wise Brown, author of Goodnight Moon, and illustrated by Garth Williams. There is something about his work that just feels like childhood to me. He drew Harry Cat and Tucker Mouse in A Cricket In Times Square, the illustrations in the Little House On the Prairie series and even Charlotte’s Web.

I hope my nostalgic walk down memory lane brought back some great memories for you too!

5 thoughts on “Oldies but Goodies!

      1. Lol! All of them are interesting because the illustrations are so unique to her books. The originals were all Japanese brush art? I buy all our used books on half.com which u just sign in w your ebay account essentially. I once got over $300 worth of hardcovers for $56 not to mention all the Stephen Cosgrove Serendipity books. I buy the lower quality rating on Half.com that usually run .75 to a few bucks each! Ive never had an issue with any coming damaged or anything! They offer sellers like Owl Books, Alibris and Betterworld. Its a Wonderland lolol!

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      2. Thanks for the info on half.com! I try to hit the local Goodwill to look at least once a month. People get rid of new stuff in perfect condition as well as really old stuff. It’s a slow process to go through all the books but the treasures you find make it worth it!


      3. I know! Their loss, lol. We’ve got a decent Friends of the Library store and once I found a copy of my favorite book when i was little called Ira Sleeps Over. I was thrilled cause it was the print I had from 1975 and mine had died a long time ago, hah.


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