Religion in school libraries?

With today being Ash Wednesday, I started thinking about the question of whether or not it’s okay to buy books with Christian themes for the school library.

The book that really has me thinking is this book by John Hendrix:

The artwork alone looks really awesome, not to mention that it’s a new take on a very old story.

I’m intrigued by the book but I’m almost scared to buy it. I don’t want to offend anyone but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy books with Jewish traditional stories, or any other religion. I even have some representations of religions in the library (a menorah and a set of praying hands.)

I have other Christian themed books,

Not to mention quite a few Nativity inspired Christmas stories. 

So, the question is, do I get this book and risk it being protested formally by a parent? SD is predominantly conservative Christians, so I’d probably never have that problem. But is it worth the risk?

I think that maybe it is. I can get the book and read it as well as have my Principal read it before doing any processing to it. If we decide against keeping it, I can exchange it for something else.

It’s hard to know what’s okay and what isn’t. I don’t want to break any laws or upset any families, but I don’t think I should have to ignore an entire religion either. Excluding books is a form of censorship and I have never believed in that. I believe in books and the stories they tell. 


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