Yes, sometimes I read grown up books. Of course, they are often filled with immature and juvenile humor, as well as inappropriate jokes that border on the distateful, but I read them with glee!

Here are a few of my favorite humor titles that made me laugh out loud, for real, none of that LOL nonsense:

I’m sure I read other humor before this, but Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs was a great book on being pregnant, not like What To Expect When You’re Expecting, but still awesomeMy husband refused to even skim other pregnancy books but he read this one. McCarthy’s not afraid to say whatever comes into her head, and it’s usually on the vulgar side. I laughed my butt off!

A few years ago a friend of mine and I went on a 6 hour road trip. We brought along Sweet Potatoe Queens’ Book of Love on audio. We had a ball! The Sweet Potato Queens are wonderfully southern and had some great ideas about men.

I’m a crafter, so when I saw Simple Times: crafts for poor people at the public library, I had to read it. Amy Sedaris is a strange, strange woman. But I love an oddball, and this woman is funny on top of weird. I also enjoyed her cookbook, I Like You.

David Sedaris, who is Amy’s brother, is also a wonderful wack-job. He tells the story of being stuck in speech therapy as a kid, and I can relate! Sedaris then continued in a convoluted path to becoming a humor writer that he manages to make funny, in spite of all his trials and tribulations and addictions. I also loved his book Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.

I love Stephen Colbert! His satirical humor on the government are spot on. He manages to make you laugh while getting some real points across. I need to read more of his work.

I was a stay-at-home mom for 4 years and in order to stay sane, I had to find the humor in everyday life. Amber Dusick has done the same thing, added her self-described crappy drawings, and made herself some decent money. I love that she calls the family members Crappy Daddy, Crappy Mommy, Crappy Boy and Crappy Baby. Hilarious!

Allie Brosh is amazing. Aside from making me laugh uproariously, she broached the very serious subject of depression in her book. I’ve never read such a great explanation of what it’s like. If you’ve never had depression, it’s so hard to understand, but Brosh was able to make it very easy to understand. But all seriousness aside, I loved her stories about her brain damaged dog and the goose who invaded their home one night.

Adam Carolla, who is famous for things like ‘The Man Show’, ‘Loveline’ and more, is so great at telling stories from his misspent youth. Despite from a family that he describes as being committed underachievers, and being Not Taco Bell MaterialCarolla made a name for himself in show business and along the way picked up some great views on life.

Justin Halpern has some freaking hilarious stories about his dad. It’s not that he’s a bad dad, he just says whatever comes to mind and does not sugarcoat it. I’d like to read more of his books.

Chelsea is probably my all-time favorite humor writer. She tells unbelievably true anecdotes from her childhood, relates hysterical practical jokes she plays on everyone she can, and never seems to take herself too seriously. Reading about her obsession with little people and her dog Chunk had me laughing until I peed my pants. She like many great humorists didn’t come from a glamorous family but she made the best of it and came out on top.

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