Random Picture Books!

I was shelving books today and randomly pulled a few to read while my daughter was at TaeKwonDo (I had forgotten my current book at home.) They are definitely random.

The only books I’ve ever read by Astrid Lindgren are the Pippi Longstocking books. This picture book has gorgeous illustrations by Ilon Wickland. Here are the endpapers:

Larry doesn’t like to go to bed at all until his upstairs neighbor lets him look through her special glasses. Rather than giving him a headache, they show him woodland animals getting ready for bed. By the end Larry decided going to bed isn’t so bad after all. I still think it’s a trippy story, though.

Gene Zion and Margaret Bloy Graham are the team behind Harry the Dirty Dog and I was happy to see that I had other titles where they worked together. All Falling Down is a kind of sing-songy description of the things that fall: leaves, flower petals, shadows, stars. Then it leaves off with Jimmy who doesn’t fall when Daddy tosses him up. Weird. And I was disappointed with the illustrations. I thought they’d look more like the Harry or Benjy books.

Oscar Mouse Finds a Home was a cute story about a mouse who needs to move out of the nest to get away from his family. He makes do bad choices initially but ultimately finds a perfect place. Maria Majewska’s art is superb.

My favorite story of the day was Roxaboxen. Alice McLerran is telling the story of her mother’s favorite place to play as a little girl. An empty lot in the dessert where the neighborhood children create their own little community. Barbara Cooney’s illustrations are simple but fitting with the story. I, of course, love that it’s based on a true story. A little piece of simpler times is a wonderful thing to share with children.


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