Author Spotlight: Grace Lin

I finished When the Sea Turned To Silver last night. I just loved it!

Grace Lin uses folklore from China to weave beautiful adventure stories. I first read one of her books when a student loaned Starry River of the Sky to me during my first year at the school.

I have loved folklore for years but had never read any from any Asian cultures. Lin takes those stories and weaves them into the larger adventure–you almost can’t tell where the stories end and the larger framing story starts back up.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon isn’t really a sequel to StarryRiver of  the Sky, it’s more like a companion book. You can tell the stories have ties to each other but nothing direct that would stop you from reading one or the other first.

When I saw that Lin was releasing a third book, I bought the first two for school.

When the Sea Turned To Silver is another companion book, you’ll find ties back to the first two books as well as many new tales. It is about an emperor who wants to be immortal at the cost of the freedom and lives of others. 

P.S. I always loved dragons, And these stories are full of them! In this book I learned of a new type: a dragon horse or longma.


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