Spring break has arrived (and there’s only 10 inches is snow melting on the ground…)! To fill our days, my daughters and I plan to watch some great old movies. I know this is a book blog, but surprise, surprise, my favorite movies are based on books.

I know that Hook isn’t based on a book, but it is based on J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. This movie has it all, Hoffman, Williams and Ruffeo! An interesting side note: the only author authorized by J.M. Barrie’s estate has the last name Barry as well. 

The Princess Bride was introduced to me by my sister’s best friend, Karma. She rented the movie for me and I fell in love. Then I read the book and it was amazing! An Interesting side note: William Goldman wrote the book to seem like he had condensed a classic from his father’s home country. It’s all fiction. Goldman wrote an original story with a very unusual framing device.

I didn’t know it until I was an adult, but The Neverending Story is based on a book by Michael Ende. It’s a two part book and the movie does a wonderful job showing the first part. I’ve never seen the sequel to know if it covers the second half of the book. (Sorry, I don’t have an interesting side note on this one.)

The 10 year old also wants to watch Disney’s Atlantis and Harry and the Hendersons.

Never fear, my fellow book nerds, I brought home a huge stack of picture books to read over the break as well as three titles from my to-read list: Quinny and Hopper, The Inn Between and The Spindlers.

3 thoughts on “Spring break!

  1. All my faves! Have you seen the new Pan movie…well, I say new it’s probably a year old now. I havent seen it yet. Also, do you remember Legend? That was well before its time.

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      1. Yes that’s Labyrinth (another favorite). Legend was with Tom Cruise and Tim Curry…with the unicorn. Was sort of a first of it’s kind.

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