Quinny and Hopper

I’ve just finished my first book of spring break!

Adriana Brad Schanen is the writer behind this great story about friendship. 

Quinny is a bright, bubbly, very, very extra-very talkative girl who has moved from New York City to the top-small town of Whisper Valley the summer between second and third grade. Even worse, her parents brought her gross and stinky little sisters too.
Hopper lives next door to the house Quinny’s family moved into. But he’s a quiet boy with looking-looking eyes who prefers to be by himself. 

Quinny somehow manages to make Hopper want to have adventures with her, like catching a stray zebra-striped chicken, and actually fighting back against his twin bully-brothers. It’s shaping up to be the best summer ever…until the reality of going back to school rears its ugly head. Hopper knows that Quinny won’t really want to be his friend so he drops her before she can drop him. Quinny starts hanging out with Victoria, who says she’s Quinny’s BFF but Quinny’s not sure she’s even an F. Can the power of true friendship save the school year?

This book was super fun to read. The chapters alternate between Quinny and Hopper’s points of view and the kids see things so differently from the other.  The humor is perfect for third graders too. My favorite line was that Quinny’s 4 year-old sister, Pee-U Piper got booty cooties from peeing outside.

I can’t wait to read the next book, though I’m not sure I like the illustration style nearly as much.


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