May the luck o’ the Irish be with you!

Guess what kind of books I don’t have enough of….? St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns, the Blarney Stone. I have maybe four nonfictions that aren’t super appealing and a handful of picture books. I will rectify that next year! I am happy that I had this one, though:

Eve Bunting is a woman who writes about a huge range of topics. This cute story is about a little boy who wants to prove he isn’t too small to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in his village. He does it with his dog far earlier than everyone else, so will anyone know? Little Jamie makes sure they will know that someone was there first.

I thought it might be fun to have a little touch of St. Patrick’s Day at school, even though we only had school Monday and Tuesday this week before Spring Break started.

Every year the teachers clean out cupboards and drawers and we put everything we don’t want out for others to scavenge from. Last year I got some great vintage looking decorations. This had a few rips but laminating him fixed him right up, but I still wanted to do more.

This was a fun idea, but it frustrated me. None of the kids can do things like this quietly and I even had a girl telling others exactly where to look.

The treasure was a fun bookmark. Nothing worth cheating for, or at least I didn’t think it was. I probably won’t do this type of contest again. I do have a How many books do you think are in the library? contest set up. The jar will be up for almost a month. I found inexpensive prizes online for the kids closest in each level and then 1 big overall winner. I won’t announce the winner until National Library Week in April. At the very least it should be quieter than the search for the leprechauns was.


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