A little badger named Frances

There are some amazing picture books that you may have loved as a child. Your parents may have loved them as children as well. They are by Russell Hoban, and they are about a precocious badger named Frances.


Frances is off to bed but just can’t quite help delaying it a bit. She’s up and down so much her father has to threaten a spanking. I think all parents can relate to this situation!


Frances has decided that being a big sister isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. She does the only reasonable thing and runs away. Thankfully, Mother and Father are able to show her how important a big sister really is to a family.


Frances loves bread and jam. Its one good that she will always get what she expects from. Who needs soft boiled eggs or veal cutlets when you can have bread and jam? Parents will know exactly how exasperating this is. Mother comes up with a solution though.


Birthdays are fabulous! Unless it’s your little sister’s birthday and not yours. Frances wants to be a good big sister and get Gloria a gift, but can she really eat a whole chompo bar?


Frances is frustrated by Albert. He won’t take her on his wandering day and then he and Harold refuse to t her play in their ‘boys only’ baseball game. Good thing Frances has her little sister Gloria to be her best friend. Who needs boys anyway?


Frances and Thelma are friends — most of the time . Thelma always seems to get Frances into trouble. When she tricks Frances into buying her tea set, it’s the last straw. Can Frances show her that it’s better to lose a bargain than lose a friend?

I actually listened to Frances’ stories before I read them. My older daughter loved being read to so much that we stared borrowing audio books from the library for her to listen to at night. The Frances collection is read by a British lady and she gets the songs perfectly. I have all the books except A Bargain For Frances at school. After re-reading them, I think I may have to share them with first grade.

Do you have fond memories of Frances? I’d love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “A little badger named Frances

  1. SDC says:

    Looove these. The only one I don’t have is a bargain for frances. I still have the original storybook records from best friend and bedtime from when i was little lol. Not awful condition surprisingly!

    Liked by 1 person

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