I’m sure every kid has a list of things that their parents have forbidden them to ever do again. My own daughter was not allowed near scissors after the “incident” when she was 5.

Jenny Offill has created a young lady with a list of things she’s not allowed to do either.

The little girl has some interesting ideas:

As a result, she’s not allowed to use the stapler any more. The list goes on and my favorite is when she gets the idea to order a different dinner from her mother (no more pretending mom is a waitress), and the resulting idea to tell the sad story of the mother who fell into a volcano.

The story is so cute and matter of fact that there is no way to resist the second book about this young lady and her ideas.

I’m not 100%, but I think our young friend is using the scientific method in this book. 

Question: Do dogs like to be covered in glitter?

Hypothesis: Dogs like everything.

What You Need: 

  • Dog
  • tube of glitter

What to do:

  1. Call dog.
  2. Cover with glitter.
  3. Let dog go.

What Happened:

  • Dog ate glitter.
  • Pink sparkly yard.

This girl is fabulously bad! I can think of sooooo many things from my childhood that would have made these lists, and I can think of just as many from when my girls were little.

Oh, the illustrations are by Nancy Carpenter. Chances are you’ve read more than one book with her illustrations. Here are two I love:

Written by Deborah Hopkinson about a family of pioneers who crossed the prairies with a wagon full of fruit trees.

Written by Gloria Whelan about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s invention to help her cool off.

Both are based on actual events. Just looking at her illustrations online has my shopping list for school growing!

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