It’s gotten chilly and rainy around here, and I’m really dying for spring to finally arrive! So to fight the chill, I thought I’d read about very warm rainforests.

I have never read this book before, but I have had it on my list for awhile. Every year the teachers at school put stuff they don’t want in a specific spot and we all rummage through it. A few years ago I found a huge pop up of a rainforest scene that needed some TLC. I knew it was from The Great Kapok Tree so I put it on the old to-read list.

I like this story because the animals clearly explain why chopping fown rainforest trees is so bad. Kids can understand the consequences of one seemingly small act. Lynne Cherry has quite a few other titles that have to do with conserving the rainforests. They all look great.

The Great Kapok Tree reminds me, at least visually, of Heart of a Tiger. Heart of a Tiger takes place in the rainforests of India. The animals choose their own names, and though the fourth kitten is shy, he longs to be a beautiful bengal tiger. The kitten proves his courage when he saves the tiger’s life and earns his name.

I was enthralled by this illustration. I just love it! I’m a cat person and I am saddened by the loss of our big cat populations, so this story was a big hit with me. (Also this little kitty with a big heart looks just like my Bloo kitty.)

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