A first grader excitedly showed me his nonfiction book about wooly mammoths to me today. I have to smile because I’ve wanted to be a paleontologist since I was a little girl. I have read many articles online about mammoths frozen in the permafrost that could •maybe• be used for cloning.

Lyuba – mammoth calf from Russia

Yuka – mammoth calf from Japan

I decided they would be a fun catalog search topic, just to see what I had. Aside from my nonfiction books on extinct animals, I had two picture books about mammoths: 

Rafe Martin‘s book Will’s Mammoth doesn’t have a lot of words, but it show perfectly how a child’s imagination is limitless. Stephen Gammell‘s funky illustrations are perfect for the story. When he draws hair, it looks like wonderfully wooly hair.

Samson In the Snow is a fairly new book about a mammoth who’s lonely but doesn’t know quite how to make friends. He is very nice to others though, and in the end, that kind heart is what helps him find some friends. I love Philip C. Stead‘s story and artwork.

There is one other recently released book about mega fauna I’d like to get for school. It’s called Toby and the Ice Giants.

Tony is a bison who is curious about the giants around him. I think it’s a picture book but it’s informative, enough that I’m not sure which section of the library it would go in.


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