William Steig (part 2)

Yesterday I talked about some William Steig books that I’ve enjoyed. There are many more! I don’t own them all at school, but I’ll share about the remaining ones I do have.

I did not know until I was an adult that Shrek! was a book first. It’s not exactly like the movie. They elaborated a lot on Donkey and the Shrek in the book is not nearly as nice as the one in the movie. The book never names his princess, but she doesn’t look much like Fiona.

Amos & Boris is a story about an adventurous mouse named Amos who is adrift at sea when a kind whale named Boris saves him. The two become fast friends and Amos promises to help Boris if ever the need arises. Boris doubts it will, but  things have a way of happening when you least expect them.

The Amazing Bone is an odd story. The young pig finds a magic talking bone and they become friends. But on the way home bad guys mug the pig, or at least try to before the magic bone saves the day. But can the bone outsmart a crafty fox bent on porkchops for dinner?

Zeke Pippin is about a pig who finds a magic harmonica that puts people to sleep. It fell off of the garbage wagon so he scrubs it with this toothbrush and then rinsed it with his father’s schnapps (won’t find that in a modern picture book). The problem is that Zeke doesn’t realize that the harmonica puts people to sleep. In a huff he decided to run away from his family and play for audiences that appreciate his talent. It’s not until he’s gotten a fair distance away that he realizes what’s really been happening. Can he get himself home safely? 


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