The Spindlers

Think Alice In Wonderland heavily influenced by Neil Gaiman. If you can picture a dark-dark world below our own, you can imagine the setting for The Spindlers.

Lauren Oliver has created this creepy world Below to house the terrifying Spindlers. The Spindlers are like spiders, but can change in size. Oh, and they can steal your soul. Do not attempt to read this book if you have arachnophobia.

The main character, Liza, wakes up one morning to realize her brother’s soul has been stolen. She’s willing to do anything to save him, even going Below. She accepts the help of a rat who wears makeup and a wig, and meets more than a few unsavory characters. 

Liza told herself stories as though she was weaving and knotting an endless rope. Then, no matter how dark or terrible the pit she found herself in, she could pull herself out, inch by inch and hand over hand, on the long rope of stories.

Through it all, Liza’s devotion to her brother remains strong. She pushes past many obstacles, temptations and riddles to free his soul. 

I loved this story! I think it’s sweet how Liza fondly remembers her games with Patrick at the same time as his tantrums. For a nine year old girl, she show remarkable bravery and love. I love how she comes to care for Mirabella, her rat guide, and how quickly she is willing to accept Mirabella’s faults. Liza overcomes challenges and riddles that would have had most kids giving up. She is an awesome character, in fact, I’d like to see more books about her. 

There is also the Spindlers Queen – a fabulously devious villain! I shuddered and shivered at the description of her. She makes the dark and creepy setting so much more profound.

There is no such thing as fair. There is only the way things are.


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