The Saddest Little Robot

The other night I shared with you some post apocalyptic books I love. Dystopian books fall right in with them, and I wanted to share a kids’ dystopian that ended up being fairly profound.

In The Saddest Little Robot, Snoot is a Drudgebot, and a confused one at that. He can’t figure out why the Halobots, who run Dome City, get some much extra light (all robots need light to survive). He thinks so much about this he gets easily distracted and is consequently the least productive of all robots. He is also oddly shaped and the others make fun of him. Curious about what exists in the awful darkness outside the Dome, he ventures forth and discovers that all it not as it seems. 

Snoot’s original explorations have to do with his curiosity, but then as he discovers the truth about the Dome, he selflessly decides to help the other Drudgebots who haven’t always been kind to him.

I read this book to 5th grade last year and it was very fun to listen to their theories about the Dome and life outside the Dome. We loved the little bugs who work so hard to help robots they don’t even know. Humanity could learn a lot from the characters in this book.


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