Blueberry Pancakes Forever

I’ve just finished Angelica Banks’ newest book, Blueberry Pancakes Forever. I love this series! 

The story starts in the world of Vivienne Small (the character that Serendipity and Tuesday write about.) Her world is locked in a terrible winter that seems never ending. When the story switches over to Tuesday’s reality we find out that Tuesday’s dad Denis has died. There will be no more ham-on-cheese-on-more-cheese toast or blueberry pancake breakfasts. Tuesday and Serendipity must find a way to move forward with their lives, and subsequently breathe life back into Vivienne’s world. This adventure is not without danger, though. Tuesday is kidnapped by a sinister boy made of grass who says she is his writer. It will take all of the beloved characters and a few new ones to rescue Tuesday and help the family find closure.

It isn’t perfect. Life never is. There will be weather we hadn’t expected, disappointments and catastrophes. There will be fun and beauty and wonder, too, and mysteries we could never have imagined. And if we’re very lucky, there will be many days with people we love, friends at the table, and blueberry pancakes forever.

I have read other books where characters are dealing with the loss of a loved one, Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara Park is a great example, but I have never seen it dealt with quite like this. Serendipity’s heart has ripped open at the loss of her husband and it has caused a giant fissure to appear in Vivienne’s world. What is at the heart of the world’s that writers create? Tuesday’s adventure gives her a chance to find out as well as decide what will lie at the heart of hers. 

Thank goodness Tuesday and Serendipity still have each other.


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