Picture Book Therapy

Ever just have a stressful day and need something to help you unwind? I find a good picture book helps me so much! I had pulled a random stack to read and three of the titles were by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat (you may recognize her as the author of the Nate the Great series of chapter books).

I remembered this book from Reading Rainbow and pulled all the Sharmat books because of it. It’s a cute story about a city boy from our east dreading moving to the west. He has a lot of crazy preconceived ideas.

The Big Fat Enormous Lie is a cute enough story about a little boy who lies about eating all the cookies. The lie grows in his subconscious into a big ugly monsterish thing and finally he decides to tell the truth.

The first two books left me a bit unsatisfied. I just hadn’t found a book to really make me smile yet. But then I read Go To Sleep, Nicholas Joe. Nicholas Joe doesn’t think he should have to go to bed if the whole world is still up, so he rides his magic flying bedsheet around the world telling people to go to bed. Everyone tries excuses and stalling, but Nicholas Joe remains firm: it is time for bed. Nicholas Joe is kind to everyone, even making warm milk for a whole castle-full of people. Even the king argued that all the other kings get to stay up later! Finally, Nicholas Joe returns home and tucks his own parents in for the night.

Can you tell that I liked that one a lot? It made me think of a couple of other cute bedtime stories:

Most parents will find these hilarious, as we’ve seen and heard most of this stuff before. My all time favorite book about not going to bed is……

And for parents who have reached the end of their rope, here’s some reading for you and not your kids.


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