Sophie’s Squash

Kids can find the weirdest things to play with. We’ve all heard the cliche of kids ignoring the expensive toys for the boxes they came in, but Sophie goes beyond that.

Pat Zietlow Miller has written an adorable story about Sophie who decides that a squash is her new favorite doll. Berniece is a great joy to Sophie, who must constantly tell her parents that she does not want anything else and that they will certainly not eat Berniece for dinner!

But, like all good things, Berniece doesn’t last. She starts to get dark spots that Sophie proclaims are freckles. But the freckles get bigger and Berniece starts to get mushy. Sophie asks a farmer what does a squash need and he recommends soil and water.

Sophie sadly tucks Berniece into the ground under a tree the night before a big snowfall. Sophie is sick with worry but her heart knows that it’s what Berniece needs. In the spring Sophie is surprised to find that Berniece has sprouted a little green plant, and then wonder if wonders, Berniece has two babies!

This book alone is so sweet and wonderful, I even heard the author’s own daughter went through this very situation. But I’m super excited, ’cause look what I just found online!!!! 


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