I started Ginger Pye yesterday, and I am finding it cute, but odd.

The kids, Jerry and Rachel Pye, have their hearts set on a puppy and it works out perfectly that they are offered a job earning the exact amount they need on the very last day the puppy is available.

Buying the puppy, who is later named Ginger Pye, triggers a mystery in the kids’ life. Someone is following them, a man with a yellow hat who they have nicknamed Unsavory Character. Here’s my theory:

Mama halfway believes the kids about the man, but lets them go off alone. I know it was written in another, safer time (1951) about an even simpler, safer time (1900s?), but that gives me pause. I just have to overlook it and go on.

All joking aside, this is a cute story and I’m having fun with it. I was confused when Rachel got a bee-bite that swelled her lip up. I did some searching and found an amusing discussion on this here.

I am also vaguely reminded of Natalie Babitt’s Tuck Everlasting-the mysterious stranger who is also fond of yellow? I’m only halfway in the book but I will finish it and I will read the follow-up Pinky Pye. I’ll keep you posted about how it turns out.

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