My library subscribes to a service that sends me amazing books in catagories I’ve selected every month. I’m so thankful to this service because they have sent me amazing books that I would have never found on my own. One of my catagories is Elementary Nonfiction, and through this collection I have received three books by the fabulous Author Dianna Hutts Aston.

Aston’s books are nonfiction but Long’s artwork is mesmerizing and the books read like picture books. 

The beetle shells in this book look truly iridescent. Long’s command of the watercolor medium is breathtaking.

Artist-wannabes like me can fawn over the artwork while our kids enjoy learning from the stories and pictures. All of the illustrations are neatly labeled as well. 

I am missing three of her nonfiction titles:

Here are the endpapers from A Butterfly Is Patient:

I will have to wait for my budget to renew in July before I can see these books; none of the other schools have them and the public library doesn’t either. How frustrating, but the reward will be even sweeter when I have them for my own (technically the library’s.)

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