I am, by my own admission, a Crazy Cat Lady. I love my cats (I even consider them my kids) and I love other people’s cats. So it really isn’t much of a stretch to say I love books about cats. One of my favorites is My Cat, the Silliest Cat In the World by Gilles Bachelet.

Okay, I can see you are confused.  Bachelet is French, and cats look different in France, obviously. They act just like the cats at my house though.

There is a second book about Bachelet’s cat, but I have yet to get my hands on it.

I am thinking of just ordering them for myself from Thriftbooks.com. I think Bachelet must be a syndicated cartoonist in France because his cat is all over the Internet, sometimes hanging out with Elmer the Elephant. It’s nice to see interspecies friendships.

As for the babies at my house, you knew I was going to show them off to you, didn’t you?

Bloo, 10 years old in September of this year.

Jack, 7 years old in June of this year.

Stitch, will be 1 year old this week.

I hope you have a wonderful fur-baby in your life, even if it isn’t a cat. We are so blessed by the unconditional love of our pets.

A house is not a home without books or cats.

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