We’ve all heard of the miraculous ways animals can help sick people get well, but I was surprised to find I had a book about it at school. I was doubly surprised to see that it was written by Jane Goodall, the Jane Goodall we all know as a chimpanzee researcher.

Dr. White is the name of a little dog who goes ever day to the Children’s Hospital in London. After his breakfast he heads up to visit his young patients. He entertains the kids who are recovering and pays extra special attention to the very ill.  

He curls up next to the bedridden, licking their hands or thumping his tail from time to time to reassure them of his presence. He has helped so many children that it’s a devastating blow when a health inspector forbids the hospital from allowing him back inside.

Dr. White keeps coming back and sadly sitting outside the hospital. Then one day, the health inspector’s own daughter falls gravely ill and no one seems to be able to help. The nurse makes a decision to allow Dr. White back in and he helps the little girl. 

This is just one story of many from Dr. White’s “career”. I don’t understand how animals know the things they do, but thank goodness Dr. White was persistent and waited to be allowed to see the children again.

My students love stories that are based on real events, I think they will love this.

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