Miss Smith is a teacher with an incredible storybook; when she reads from it, the characters come alive. Her students are blown away as characters come out of the pages right before their very eyes!

The story has to be finished for the characters to be drawn back into the book, which can lead to some crazy situations. Sometimes the class is pulled into the setting of the story.

In the second book they travel into The Lost World searching for dinosaurs. Miss Smith warns the children not to interfere with the story, but it’s hard not to warn someone about to be eaten by a T-Rex. This story has an unexpected ending as a piece of the story comes home with the students.

Miss Smith also has two other adventures: 

The class takes a field trip to the aquarium where they meet famous sea-going characters like Moby Dick, Robinson Crusoe, Captain Nemo and Gulliver.

Miss Smith has some spooky stories up her sleeve for Halloween!

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