May the 4th be with you!

I always feel like I have a lisp whenever I say, “May the 4th be with you!” So yeah, I’m a Star Wars fan. I don’t know that I’d be proudly proclaiming it, except that I work at a school, with lots of little Star Wars fans.

Star Wars is everywhere, it seems. There are so many books about the SW universe that I can’t even buy them all, but there are some that I think every school should have.

Picture an ordinary middle school. Ordinary kids with a weird kid thrown in for good measure. Now picture the weird kid, Dwight, talking to an origami finger puppet of Yoda. That’s the how  the The Strange Case of Origami Yoda series begins. The boys in the class decide to compile letters from their classmates to try to decide if Origami Yoda (and therefore Dwight) actually have the force.

The story escalates from there, with each student adopting their own persona in what becomes a rebellion against their principal and the school board. There may be more than a few parallels to the Star Wars movies in this series.

A second big hit at my school is the Jedi Academy series.

Jeffrey Brown wrote and illustrated the first three books. He has also made a great series about Darth Vader in a father role.

For some reason, the fourth Jedi Academy book was written and drawn by Jarret Krosoczka. I don’t know why the change took place but the kids say it’s just as good as the first three.

There are probably hundreds of books that deal with the actual characters from the franchise continuing the storylines from the movies and tv shows.  I have a fair amount of them. I even have Angry Birds Star Wars and Lego Star Wars books.

As for my own family, I’m not even the biggest SW fan in the house. My husband has been to see all the movies in the theaters (that makes him old), our family room is decorated in the movie posters and we have his vintage action figures and Millenium Falcon. I even snagged a vintage Ewoks books from his parents’ house.

He converted my older daughter to the ways of the force when she was very little. She inherited his vintage SW sleeping bag – which has a very glamorous Chewbacca on it. She  used to collect Yoda and Vader, but she feels too grown up now. 

My younger daughter likes Leia, Rey and Jyn Erso. She has a few Jabba figures for good measure. I realized awhile ago that Han Solo is my favorite character. He reminds me (just a bit) of my husband’s personality. I married Han Solo. 

So at school today I’ll be wearing my Star Wars tshirt, the one with Leia and Han and my favorite line of the whole franchise:

I love you!

I know.


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