I usually don’t get to go on field trips but today, since I have no classes and there was a need for a helper, I get to go with second grade to the zoo! Our community is blessed to have a great zoo that is growing and changing all the time.

Two of the biggest attractions to our zoo are our pair of bears and our pair of Bengal tigers. Have you guessed what today’s books will be about?

Adam Stower introduces us to Lily, a little girl who really wants a dog. On the luckiest day ever, a very big doggy wanders into her yard. Lily is new at being a dog owner and Doggy struggles with obeying commands, but they manage to do pretty well together.

Sadly, Lily’s mom says someone is missing such a great doggy so Lily has to give him up. It’s sad but Lily finds another surprise in the yard the next day.

The books don’t quite follow each other seamlessly, but it’s worth it to read Naughty Kitty. Lily gets a little kitten since she couldn’t keep her doggy, but suspicious things happen wherever that little grey kitten goes. Who would have thought such a tiny kitty could break the cat door, tear up the living room and leave such a stinky mess on the carpet?!?

Lily isn’t overly observant, but kids will see what’s really going on from the very beginning. 

Speaking of being observant, don’t skip the endpapers in these books. You will see the missing bear posters, newspaper articles about zoo escapes and my favorite, at the end of Naughty Kitty, the story of the elderly lady who is thrilled to have her missing cat come home. He’s grown quite a lot, but it’s understandable after being gone for 30 years.

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